Master ASL! Level One

Master ASL Level I includes a full color, hard cover student textbook, a Student Companion book, and videos by native ASL users.

  1. The Textbook contains 10 units and over 1,500 sign illustrations plus full color photographs and non-sign illustrations.
  2. The Student Companion book focuses on the areas of fingerspelling, numbers, and glossing.
  3. The Videos expose students to native ASL users.

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Master ASL! Teacher’s PowerPoint Resource Kit

This CD-ROM PowerPoint kit contains 100 of the most popular and effective graphics from Master ASL!, Level One. Each graphic is enlarged and can be projected in class and used to elicit student communication on a wide variety of topics.    $34.95

SignMaster – A Master ASL! Vocabulary Review Game

A fun way to review vocabulary and practice sentences!  Players move through a full color game board advancing when they correctly sign vocabulary words, sentences, and expressions. Challenge cards enable a player to question another player’s sign production. If incorrect, the player loses a turn.
3 to 8 players. $49.95    

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