Curriculum Information

Why choose Master ASL!?

Master ASL! offers:

  • A balanced approach—Grammar, communication, and culture is presented in logical sequence.
  • Support—High standards and expectations are combined with the support students need to develop confidence & communicative competence:
  • Differentiated learning—Wide variety of exercises and activities elicit language use for learners with different abilities.
  • Increased language usage—Vibrant, full-color illustrations captivate attention and encourage language usage.
  • Student appeal—Content reflects contemporary audiences with ethnic diversity and up to date vocabulary.
  • Up to date information—Cultural, social, and technological information is provided for today’s audiences.

How is Master ASL! different?

Master ASL! is based on contemporary second language learning theory with proven results. It presents:

  • Unique culture-language emphasis;
  • Coordinated writing reflection opportunities to enhance understanding of culture, language, and other topics;
  • Unique narrative approach to develop native- like communicative competence;
  • Information that is student and teacher- friendly;
  • Full-color artwork by leading Deaf artists increase cultural appreciation; and
  • Up to date cultural, social, and technological information for today’s audience.

Acclaim from Teachers and Students

In my classes, I observed that the ASL I students who used Master ASL! signed as well as, or better, than the ASL II students who used other common curriculum materials.

Glenna Ashton, Ed.S

President, American Sign Language Teacher’s Association

Master ASL! is what sign language students have been waiting for: A curriculum that takes you by the hand and guides you through the many facets of learning ASL and Deaf culture.

Erin Scott

ASL student

I took an introductory course in ASL to better communicate with several deaf family members. As an English teacher, I was skeptical of the claims that ASL is a full- fledged language. Fortunately Master ASL! opened my eyes and made me realize ASL is a legitimate language that cannot be compared to English. Also, two years later, I am still able to draw on what I learned—despite shameful lack of practice!

Jessica Langerman

Boston, Mass.

Additional Information

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